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My Promise.

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Drawing & Painting.

Building & Creating.


Simply: we are a studio that offers art sessions for everyone and anyone with a passion to be creative. Did you notice I didn't say, "we have classes for artists"?

All abilities and experience levels will feel welcome and comfortable attending opportunities at this studio. You will get better, by coming to classes … you don't have to already know what you are doing! That's why this studio exists: To spread the enjoyment of creating!

There will be no popsicle art. There will be no noodle necklaces. And there will be no "coloring". We will have you, your child, your mom, your spouse - whoever it is - creating projects you want to keep. Art you want to show people. Projects you want to give as gifts. We promise!

Leave one of our visual art sessions confident that the creative juices will continue to flow. Know that the next class attended will be even more inspiring. Feel those synapses firing.

A stimulated right brain is a happy brain! 

Downtown Neenah Marketplace

124 W. Wisconsin Ave, Suite 235

Neenah, WI  54956